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Gekisou Grand Racing [激走!!] is the Japanese version that contains characteristics of both Car and Driver Presents: Grand Tour Racing 98 and Total Drivin’.

Gekisou was published on April 23, 1998 by Atlus, about seven months after the original release of Grand Tour Racing 98 and five months after Total Drivin. All versions were developed by Eutechnyx for the PlayStation.


Gekisou is a racing game where the player drives a variety of cars within six exotic locales from around the world. Like Grand Tour Racing 98, the main game modes are One Player, Time AttackSplit-Screen, Season, and Head-to-Head. .

Six main locales are present in Gekisou: Moscow, Easter Island, Switzerland, Scotland, Egypt, and Hong Kong. The extra locales, Japan, Sweden, and USA, are available in Split-Screen as they were in Total Drivin. All the game modes in Grand Tour Racing 98 and Total Drivin are included in Gekisou, making Gekisou the most free and accessible version of the three.

Similarities & Differences

Gekisou is an overall combination of features from both Grand Tour Racing 98 and Total Drivin. Although there are some modified features which are exclusive only in Gekisou, they are minor and have no major impact to the overall gameplay.

– In terms of looks and functionality, the cars used in Gekisou are almost identical to the ones featured in Grand Tour Racing 98.

The car performance in some races, however, was modified. For example, Roberts Rally is much faster in Gekisou’s Scotland 4 than GTR98’s Scotland 4.

– The starting positions of Gekisou races is identical to GTR98, where the cars start closer together to the start line.

– Gekisou follows the Speed Tables from Total Drivin: AI Opponents perform the same way they did in Total Drivin.

– Gekisou uses Total Drivin conventions: kilometers and km/h instead of miles and mph.

– Unlike Grand Tour Racing 98 and Total Drivin, cars cannot be knocked Out after finishing the race. Therefore, the Turning Over Trick (TOT) will not work on cars that have already finished. See the videos for a clearer understanding.

Re-verification of Opponents Out After Finish

Rampage Troubles

– The main menu layout was changed.

HUD: The display of Lap/Total/Fastest was moved to the bottom left corner.

– HUD: There is more space between the Team Name and Distance. (BAPTISTE Lost instead of BAPTISTELost)

– Gekisou uses the term “Retire” instead of “Game Over”.

– In Link-Up mode, the three secret locales can be played with 3 or 4 players without the secret code.

– Similarly to Total Drivin, some road surface resistance has been removed in Gekisou races.

– Like Total Drivin, the brake lights do not flash when the human player restarts a level.


Gekisou‘s soundtrack contains the exact same songs as those in GTR98, but for unclear reasons, the titles are switched around, except for “Sand Blast”. For example, the song known as “Russian Roulette” in GTR98, has the name “Dream Driver” instead in Gekisou.

Theme GTR98 Gekisou
Moscow Russian Roulette Dream Driver
EI Volcanic Rock Kowloon Monsoon
Swit Dream Driver Smoochy Dancer
Scot Smoochy Dancer Russian Roulette
Egypt Sand Blast Sand Blast
HK Kowloon Monsoon Volcanic Rock

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