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Car & Driver Presents:
Grand Tour Racing 98
GTR 98 Box Art
Developer: Eutechnyx
Publisher: NA Activision
EU Ocean Software
JP Atlus
Platform: Playstation
NA Sept 30, 1997
EU Nov 1997
JP April 23, 1998
Genre: Racing
Modes: Single player
ESRB Ratings: Everyone (K-A)

Car & Driver Presents: Grand Tour Racing ’98 (GTR 98) is a racing game developed by Eutechnyx. It was released for the PlayStation on September 1997, about two months before the European releases of Total Drivin and M6 Turbo Racing.


This game takes place in six exotic locales from around the world. Players are to represent one of eight international teams, with the chance to drive a variety of different car classes, from off-road to high-speed vehicles.

This game features many different modes for players. These features allow them to compete against seven AI opponents, other human players, or ghosts (themselves).

Players are brought into the main menu when starting the game. On this screen, they can choose a specific game mode, team, race, or transmission. The ? icon indicates further options, such as saving current progress and changing game controls.

Menu Controls
D-pad Move
(x) Select / Deselect
(Δ) Go back

Main Menu
Type A Controls

Race Controls
These are the Type A controls.
Type B and C controls can be configured in the Options menu.

(x) Accelerate
(□) Brake / Reverse
(o) Handbrake
(Δ) Rear view
D-pad left & right Steer
D-pad up Horn
[L1] [R1] Hard left / right
[L2] [R2] Gear down / up
[Select] Change view
[Start] Pause / Options


There are eight playable teams in Grand Tour Racing 98 and Total Drivin. Each team represents a country and provides certain characteristics for their vehicles, as well as strengths and weaknesses as AI opponents.


Game Modes

One Player is the main mode where players are to race against seven AI opponents, in locales which each contain seven levels.

Subsequent levels become slightly harder as previous levels are beaten, and the track will be complete once all six levels are won. Finding and obtaining a hidden fireball will transport the player to a secret race known as Level 7.

Time Attack Mode - Ghost Car
Season Mode Results: Perfect 72 Score

In Time Attack, a single player is to race alone in attempt to record the fastest lap time. This fastest lap time is reflected in the Ghost Car. Players may race over an unlimited number of laps on any completed level of their choosing.

Season is a single player mode where the player competes in a multi-race series against seven AI opponents. The human player is to race through last-completed levels through all six locales. Points are recorded after every race, with the winner being awarded 12 points. Unlike One Player, human players are not allowed to “restart level” during the race.

Season Points System
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th Out
12 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

Head-To-Head Mode

In Split-Screen, two players can compete against each other in classic one-on-one races. Many features from the single player modes are removed in Split-Screen, as the level selection has been limited to two levels per locale and two laps per race.

Head-To-Head is a variation of Split-Screen. Instead of having two players compete in normal races, Head-To-Head allows them to race in opposite directions. The level selection has been limited to just one level per locale.

First-Person View is a more challenging mode that can be entered and exited any time during any race by pressing [Select] Change view.

First-Person Mode – Normal Races

All Level 1 Races

All Level 2 Races

All Level 3 Races

All Level 4 Races

All Level 5 Races

All Level 6 Races

All Level 7 Races


There are six courses in Grand Tour Racing 98. They are categorized into three different classes: Moscow & Hong Kong (auto), Easter Island & Egypt (off-road), Scotland & Switzerland (rally).

In Total Drivin and M6 Turbo Racing, there are three additional locales (Japan, Sweden, USA), but they can only be accessed in Split-Screen & Head-To-Head mode.


These are the five car classes featured through six locales. This makes a total of 40 different vehicles in Grand Tour Racing 98. Rally cars are the most common class, as they are used in one-third of all races in the game.



All versions of GTR98 have six songs in their soundtrack. Total Drivin’ and M6 Turbo Racing use different songs from GTR98 and Gekisou. Although GTR98 and Gekisou share the same songs, Gekisou’s song titles are mixed up with GTR98’s due to mistranslation errors. (For example, GTR98’s Russian Roulette is titled Dream Driver in Gekisou.)

GTR98 Dream Driver

GTR98 Kowloon Monsoon

GTR98 Smoochy Dancer

GTR98 Russian Roulette

GTR98 Sand Blast

GTR98 Volcanic Rock

Total Drivin Full Soundtrack

All 42 Levels:
Highlights & Bloopers

H&B: Part 1

H&B: Part 2

Alternative Gameplay

This game is known for having alternate gameplay, as its unique race tracks, lack of respawning, and complex AI have made it possible for players to attempt various challenges.

Such challenges include eliminating opponents from contention, or “helping” the weak AI to win the race. These gameplay styles have become popular, and are the reason why this game is still played and watched by people today.

A Rampage is a popular gameplay challenge where the human player seeks to knock Out as many AI opponents as possible. It is a Full Rampage when all 7 are successfully knocked Out, and a Semi-Rampage when 2-6 of them are eliminated. A Non-Deadly Rampage is a variation where all the AI opponents get permanently stuck, but are not officially Out of the race. A Mixed Rampage has some opponents officially Out, while other opponents are permanently stuck but not officially Out.

An Underdog Challenge is another unofficial gameplay style, where the human player seeks to “help” the weaker AI opponents to finish in higher positions. This can be done by stopping the stronger AI from advancing further. This challenge may require coherent strategy, as the human player is responsible to know the opponents’ strengths and weaknesses for that particular race.

A 3 Lap Magic (or 2 Lap Magic) is a challenge where the human player starts the race later than all AI opponents, taking a handicap of minimum 15-20 seconds. The human player will then have the entire 3 (or 2) laps to finish in first place. There is no “official” predetermined handicap time for each track, as players decide for themselves what risk they are willing to take.

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