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Total Drivin
M6 Turbo Racing

Total Drivin is the European version of the original Car & Driver Presents: Grand Tour Racing 98. It was published two months after the original release by Ocean Software. Both versions were developed by Eutechnyx for the PlayStation.

This version has some of its features modified from Grand Tour Racing 98, including different soundtracks and game modes.

Another European version, M6 Turbo Racing, was released on the same date, with no distinct differences, apart from Team Ahmed being replaced by team “M6 Turbo”.

Total Drivin

Like Grand Tour Racing 98, Total Drivin and M6 Turbo Racing are racing games in which the player drives various cars in six exotic locales from around the world. They may choose to race against AI Opponents (One Player), themselves (Time Attack), or other human players (Split-Screen). These are the three default modes in Total Drivin.

Total Drivin Menu - Split Screen
Sweden B Team Posters

The modes Season and Head-To-Head from Grand Tour Racing 98 are absent in Total Drivin. The only way to play Head-To-Head requires a secret code which the player must use via the game controller.

Using a different secret code, the player can unlock three additional locales, Japan, USA, and Sweden, to play in Split-Screen mode. Like other Split-Screen levels, these locales each contain two levels. These three locales are unavailable in Grand Tour Racing 98.

Minor Differences

While Total Drivin and M6 Turbo Racing are overall very similar to Grand Tour Racing 98, there are many noticeable differences between the two versions:

Morgen Sports in Total Drivin
Rossi Sports in Total Drivin

– Some cars in Total Drivin look and function differently from the vehicles featured in Grand Tour Racing 98.

– Total Drivin uses kilometers instead of miles and km/h instead of mph.

– The cars in Total Drivin are much slower, despite having the same “top speed” as GTR 98 cars. For example, although 225 mph (GTR98) is equivalent to 360 km/h (TD), the 360 mph is slower. As a result, lap times are slower in Total Drivin.

– The loading screen in Total Drivin and M6 Turbo Racing is different from the one in Grand Tour Racing 98.

Ahmed Sports in Total Drivin
Total Drivin Loading - Split Screen

Total Drivin has an official record lap time in Level 7 races, whereas GTR98’s set lap times in Level 7 races are from the level the player had teleported from. For example, in GTR98, if the player’s record time in Moscow 2 is 1:23:45, Moscow 7’s will also be 1:23:45.

– The starting positions of most Total Drivin races are more spread out.

AI Opponents perform differently in Total Drivin, usually weaker than the AI in Grand Tour Racing 98.

Total Drivin and M6 Turbo Racing have three secret locales on Split-Screen: Japan, Sweden, and USA.

– The “Press START to continue” message is not shown on a replay in Total Drivin.

M6 Sports in M6 Turbo Racing
M6 Rally in Scotland 2

M6 Turbo Racing

M6 Turbo Racing is identical to Total Drivin, except it replaces Team Ahmed with M6.

Although M6 cars are also red, and appear to function the same as Ahmed cars, all instances of the name “Ahmed” have been replaced with “M6”.

M6 Turbo Racing - Team M6

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