Total Drivin
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Terrain: City
Level A: Indy
Level B: Sports
Track Length: 3.3km

Japan is one of the three secret levels available in Total Drivin’ / M6 Turbo Racing / Gekisou Grand Racing, alongside USA and Sweden. It can only be played in Split-Screen mode**.

Players drive Indy cars in Japan A (Sunny) and Sports cars in Japan B (Storm).

Unlike the other two secret levels, Japan does not resemble any of the original tracks, but it features a raceway with tunnels and a pit stop (that is unnecessary to stop at).

There are signs on the barriers which represent Team Ivanov, despite the track being in Japan.

Japan A - Indy Japan A - Ivanov Banners
Japan B - Sports

**Unlocked at the Main Menu screen by pressing R1 to the tune of “zippity doo dah, zippity day” (0:12-0:17 of the song). If the code is entered correctly, an engine zoom sound will be heard.

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