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Terrain: City
L1-L2: Sports
L3-L4: Indy
L5-L6: Sports
Extra Level: Rally
HomeTracker: Ivanov
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A fast, gently curving track, Moscow has long straight-aways that provide ample opportunity to pit the pedal-to-the-metal Russian style. Here, you will compete in either Sports or Indy cars, as their fast acceleration and high top speeds make them well-equipped for these tracks. As you race, you will be treated to spectacular views of Red Square, the Kremlin, Gorky Park, and other Russian spectacles along Moscow’s Ring Road.

– Description

Moscow features a city terrain for Sports and Indy cars. It is the home track of Team Ivanov and the first race of the Grand Tour Season.

Moscow presents a flat, narrow racetrack made of concrete. It is barricaded with colored barriers and fences. As the player advances through each level, they will encounter devious obstacles, including a small ramp and sharp barriers for road tightening. Snow and rainfall become more common in the final levels, as well as make-or-break jumps known as the Deadly Ramps.

Cheat: To unlock all Moscow levels without winning any races, the player should tap R1 to the tune “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way”. If done correctly, an engine sound will blare and all levels will be unlocked.

Moscow A

Moscow A: Split-Screen & Head-To-Head

Moscow B

Moscow B: Split-Screen Only

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