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Ahmed & the Ramp
Class: Sports
Weather: Storm
Laps: 3
Track Length: 6.2 miles
Direction: 2
Top AI Contender(s): Morgen, Roberts
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Moscow 2 is the stormy version of the previous level. It is raced in the opposite direction with three laps.

In Moscow 2, there are two additional S-turns on the long straight stretch and airplane section. There is also a major U-turn between the two tunnels, as well as a small ramp, placed before the final S-turn.

The secret fireball is found in this level. It is located off-track between two buildings, and the player must jump away from the ramp in order to reach it. When retrieved, all progress gets lost as Moscow 7 opens.

Starting Positions

1 IV 2 XU 3 LM 4 RB
5 AM 6 BP 7 MG 8 RS


“Get Back on Road” in Forbidden Zone


Moscow 2 is a lengthier track than Moscow 1, as there is now a major U-turn before the second tunnel. Even though the Sports cars now have higher top speeds, the extra 0.3 miles of road makes each lap longer to complete. The two additional S-turns are also causes for slower lap times.

Players may attempt a variety of challenges in this level, with the popular one being the Non-Deadly Rampage. Even though the small ramp is mainly used for jumping, players may treat it as a technique to eliminate their opponents off the track. However, not all opponents will use the ramp, as this obstacle only covers half of the road.

Non-Deadly Rampage Marooned Victims & Secret Fireball

Another challenge which players may attempt is the Underdog, where they can try helping the weak AI to finish higher than the strong AI. In Moscow 2, AI Baptiste and Ahmed are exceedingly weak opponents, as they are the bottom HomeTrackers to start the race. Morgen and Roberts are the dominant AIs who are programmed to be solid overtakers, through both speed and accuracy.

Lumiere; Non-Deadly; Koop
[Old] [New]

Rossi; Underdog Challenge; Koop

Baptiste; Underdog Ahmed; Hyde

Lumiere vs Roberts; Normal; Hyde

Rossi helps the Red Cars
Ivanov, Xu, Baptiste


Opponent Lap1 Lap2 Lap3
1st HT 143 125 120
2nd HT 143 125 120
3rd HT 140 120 115
4th HT 125 105 105
5th HT 105 115 115
6th HT 125 135 135
Rossi 125 135 145
Morgen 142 142 135

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