Moscow 6

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« Moscow 6 »
Class: Sports
Weather: Snow
Laps: 2
Track Length: 6.3 miles
Direction: 1
Top AI Contender(s): Xu, Lumiere, Baptiste, Rossi
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Moscow 6 uses Sports cars in a treacherous snowy setting.

It is raced in the original direction, so cars have to pass through a one-car bottleneck tunnel before encountering the major U-turn. There is a sharp hairpin turn and S-turn at the airplane section. Finally, they make or break at the twin Deadly Ramps before concluding the lap.

Starting Positions

1 IV 2 XU 3 LM 4 RB
5 AM 6 BP 7 MG 8 RS


Moscow 6 is a snowy race which appears to be more challenging than the previous levels. Sports cars are used on a track where there are more Deadly Ramps and S-turns, let alone the harsher weather. The road is much icier than usual, so it could be difficult for cars to drive with steady control.

Moscow 6 U-Turn

The opponent strength favors AI XuLumiere, and Baptiste, who are extremely dominant in the first lap. Rossi takes over the second half of the race. AI Ivanov, whose home track is Moscow, is programmed to be an atrociously slow driver, making him and Ahmed the Underdogs of Moscow 6.

Even with the icy conditions and Twin Deadly Ramps, the race is not too difficult after Lap 1, as players have two entire laps to catch their slowed-down opponents. Like Moscow 5, the presence of Out Zones can allow Rampages to be done. Players may also attempt the Underdog Challenge, where they can help AI Ivanov and Ahmed to finish in higher positions.

Morgen, Full Rampage; Koop

Ivanov; Semi-Rampage; Hyde

Xu; Underdog Ivanov; Hyde

Rossi; Underdog Ivanov; Koop

Accuracy Ranks

Ivanov & Xu
Moscow 6 Hairpin Turn

Gold Xu, Baptiste, Lumiere
Silver Rossi
Bronze Roberts, Morgen
Iron Ahmed
Rust Ivanov


Sports cars have their top speeds held at 200 mph. For human players, their cars will lose speed when turning corners.

Opponent Lap1 Lap2 Lap3
1st HT 175 140 110
2nd HT 175 140 115
3rd HT 175 140 115
4th HT 170 135 120
5th HT 160 125 120
6th HT 175 140 130
Rossi 150 175 150
Morgen 155 155 130

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