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Terrain: Sand
L1-L2: Buggy
L3-L6: Dakar
Extra Level: Rally
HomeTracker: Baptiste
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A mystical, South Pacific track with ocean views and precipitous climes, Easter Island is sure to challenge all comers. Here, you will compete in either dune buggies or Dakar vehicles, which, with their unsurpassed traction and all-terrain equipment, are ideally-suited for these courses. As you sand blast around Rapa Nui, you will be greeted by the stone-faced countenances of the Moai heads, the legendary Birdmen, and the awe-inspiring Pua Katiki volcano, but only if you don’t get washed out to sea or crash into molten lava.

– Description

Easter Island features a sand terrain for dune Buggies & Dakars. It is the home track of Team Baptiste and the second race of the Grand Tour Season.

Easter Island uses dune Buggies and Dakars on a subtropical setting. The weather here is mainly dry, with rainfall appearing only once in seven races. Cars race around an island split into two regions. The first half is a trail along the Pacific coast , while the second features molten lava inside the tunnel and uptop the mountain.

In later races, the player will encounter devious obstacles, including red barriers and a small ramp. The newly-opened route in Level 5 features Pua Katiki a steep-sloped volcano known also as the lava stretch. The final levels for Buggies and Dakars have barrierless volcanoes, using molten lava as one of Easter Island’s most prominent Out Zone.

Cheat: To unlock all Easter Island levels without winning any races, the player should tap R1 to the tune “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you“. If done correctly, an engine sound will blare and all levels will be unlocked.

Easter Island A

EI A: Split-Screen & Head-To-Head

Easter Island B

EI B: Split-Screen Only

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