Easter Island 2

Grand Tour Racing 98 / Total Drivin / M6 / Gekisou
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Class: Buggy
Weather: Sunset
Laps: 2
Track Length: 4.3 miles
Direction: 2
Top AI Contender(s): Baptiste
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Easter Island 2 is raced in the opposite direction with Buggies. The barriers in the small volcano have been removed, so it’s possible for cars to fall Out into the lava.

In this level, there is a secret fireball which allows the player to play Easter Island 7 when obtained. The secret fireball is found after the S-turn and before the Small Ramp, over the red and white barriers.

Starting Positions

1 BP 2 AM 3 RB 4 LM
5 IV 6 XU 7 RS 8 MG

In Easter Island 2, Buggies drive two laps around a track which now features a barrierless stretch and Small Ramp. Falling into the lava will result in an Out, so the player should drive carefully when overtaking their opponents.

Baptiste & Ivanov
Queue of Death

AI Baptiste is an extremely dominant leader who often builds a mile lead over the others towards the end. If the human player is Baptiste, Ahmed would become a significantly weaker replacement as the race leader, as AI Ivanov would most likely take over first place during the race.

If the player seek a challenge, he or she is invited to attempt a Rampage at the barrierless stretch in the small volcano. Here, players may attempt to knock Out as many AI opponents as possible, without becoming a casualty themselves. This is a particular useful strategy to beat Easter Island 2 if the player is simply unable to win the race. Another strategy would be to push Out all the AI opponents in the water even after they’ve already finished.

Ivanov; Full Rampage; Hyde

Baptiste; Full Rampage; Koop


Speed Table

A: Ahmed, Roberts, Lumiere
B: Baptiste, Ivanov, Xu

Opponent Lap1 Lap2
1st HT B 115,
A 100
2nd HT 98 85
3rd HT 95 B 92,
A 90
4th HT 92 92
5th HT 86 B 92,
A 85
6th HT 92 92
Rossi 85 105
Morgen 96 96

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