Easter Island 4

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Roberts - Tunnel Blockade
Class: Dakar
Weather: Storm
Laps: 3
Track Length: 4.3 miles
Direction: 1
Top AI Contender(s): Ahmed
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Easter Island 4 is a more treacherous version of the previous level. It is the only stormy level of Easter Island, raced in the original direction with Dakars.

This track resembles Easter Island 2, as the Ramp and other obstacles mark their returns in the race. However, the barriers inside the volcano are intact, decreasing the chances of a Full Rampage.

Starting Positions

1 BP 2 AM 3 RB 4 LM
5 IV 6 XU 7 RS 8 MG


Easter Island 4 is very different from Easter Island 3, as it uses additional obstacles, harsher weather, and more aggressive AI. This level is popular for its presence of Rampage-style gameplay, as its overall track proves to be deceptively tame and unexpectedly deadly.

Baptiste, Ivanov & Xu
Ivanov spots a Rossi Carcass

Unlike most Easter Island levels, the AI opponents here can be rather careless in their driving. The wet track is the main cause of their frequent mistakes. The Ramp, short bumpy stretch, and the area after the short bumpy stretch can also result in unintended slip ups. AI Baptiste is known to lapse into lower positions, losing first place as early as 20 seconds in.

With so many Out Zones surrounding the stretches, players may attempt a Semi-Rampage by knocking their opponents into the water and lava. Even though the volcano is barricaded, cars which are knocked high enough may nosedive over them and crash into molten lava.

Rossi; Full Rampage; Koop

Lumiere; Semi-Rampage; Koop

Baptiste; Full Rampage; Hyde

Ivanov; Semi-Rampage; Hyde

Morgen; Semi-Rampage; Hyde

Roberts; Semi-Rampage; Hyde

Xu; Bizarre Ending; Hyde

Bloopers & Channel Trailer, Hyde

Easter Island 4: Too safely barricaded...?
Baptiste & Ahmed Dakar Clash (first person view)

Speed Table

Opponent Lap1 Lap2 Lap3
1st HT 110 110 95
2nd HT 110 110 95
3rd HT 105 105 90
4th HT 100 95 90
5th HT 95 95 75
6th HT 105 105 110
Rossi 95 110 115
Morgen 105 105 110

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