Easter Island 5

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Morgen at the S-Turn
Class: Dakar
Weather: Sunny
Laps: 3
Track Length: 5.2 miles
Direction: 1
Top AI Contender(s): Baptiste, Ahmed, Morgen
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Easter Island 5 lets Dakars onto the route of Pua Katiki, a steep-sloped volcano known as the lava stretch.

There are now accessible Out Zones around the S-turn, as some of the red barriers from Level 4 have been removed. The new lava stretch is safely barricaded, meaning that unprovoked cars will be safe from falling Out.

This level can be played in Split-Screen mode (Easter Island B), where there is a glitch (see video) that allows players to complete the race in under 30 seconds.

Starting Positions

1 BP 2 AM 3 RB 4 LM
5 IV 6 XU 7 RS 8 MG


Easter Island 5 is a calmer version of the previous level with better weather, safer regions, and the opponents drive at slower speeds. AI Morgen‘s early rush of speed in Lap 1 is the only strong showing by any opponent in this race.

Lumiere, Roberts & Ahmed before the S-Turn
Morgen & Ahmed at the Big Volcano

The volcano features a long, winding road with many bumpy slopes. Even though it is safely-barricaded, this stretch is not to be treated carelessly, as speeding players often risk being parallely stranded on the volcano’s high walls. After the volcano, cars are to scale down a narrow sand path before concluding the lap.

Like all other levels from Easter Island, players may attempt a Rampage along the stretches surrounded by water. The barricaded lava stretch is too wide for an effective bottleneck blockage, but cars which are knocked high enough may fly over the barriers and into the lava.

Roberts; Semi-Rampage; Koop

Roberts; Semi + Underdog; Hyde

Lumiere; Semi-Rampage; Koop

Morgen; “Full” Rampage; Hyde

Morgen vs Ahmed; (Un)officially Lapped; Hyde

Rossi, Forbidden Zone Camera, Hyde

Split-Screen Cheat; Koop

Lumiere, Roberts & Ahmed
Lumiere, Roberts & Ahmed at the S-Turn
Xu & Roberts - The Twins

Speed Table

Opponent Lap1 Lap2 Lap3
1st HT 110 105 100
2nd HT 105 100 95
3rd HT 100 100 95
4th HT 95 95 95
5th HT 90 85 85
6th HT 100 100 100
Rossi 95 105 110
Morgen 115 105 115

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