Switzerland 7

Grand Tour Racing 98 / Total Drivin / M6 / Gekisou
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Class: Sports
Weather: Sunny
Laps: 3
Track Length: 6.6 miles
Direction: 2
Top AI Contender(s): Lumiere, Baptiste
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Switzerland 7 is the special level that uses Sports cars on a track similar to Switzerland 4 and Switzerland 5, but with sunny weather.

The AI opponent strength resembles Moscow 6, by placing Baptiste & Lumiere as the dominant AI. Morgen, Ahmed, Roberts and Ivanov are the AI Underdogs.

In Level 7, the removed fence near the start line hints the secret shortcut, which allows players to win the race in under 30 seconds. This method is demonstrated in the Pike’s video, below the Walkthrough heading.

Starting Positions

1 IV 2 XU 3 LM 4 RB
5 AM 6 BP 7 MG 8 RS


In Switzerland 7, Sports cars drive a sunny race on an identical track to Switzerland 4 and 5. Because these cars are significantly faster than the usual Rally cars, the narrow winding road may be tricky to maneuver. The player should drive slow around sharp corners to avoid messing up; there are many parts of the track where they can accelerate and overtake their opponents.

Steep Mountain
Xu Officially Laps Ahmed
Ivanov Officially Laps Morgen

If players seek a challenge, they may help the Underdogs Morgen, Ahmed, and Roberts to finish ahead of the stronger AI. Ivanov is also as weak as the three, but because he starts the race in 1st, he will almost always finish ahead of them in a normal race. The player can also attempt to “officially lap” one of the Underdogs, as it is highly possible to do so.

As Sports cars are typically wider than Rally cars, the long winding road makes an excellent area for bottleneck blockages. This makes Switzerland 7 one of the only levels possible to race a “10-minute victory” without the need of any Rampage where cars fall Out.

Ahmed; “Full” Rampage; Koop

Baptiste vs Rossi; Officially Lapped!; Hyde

Baptiste; Officially Lapped!; Hyde

Compilation; Officially Lapped!; Hyde

Roberts; Underdog Ivanov; Hyde

Xu; Officially Lapped!; Hyde

Secret way of finishing; Pike

Morgen; Secret Area; Koop

Baptiste Officially Laps Morgen
Morgen on Antenna Island
Ivanov & Xu

AI Roles

Opponent Lap1 Lap2 Lap3
1st HT 175 165 130
2nd HT 175 165 130
3rd HT 175 165 130
4th HT 165 165 130
5th HT 155 155 130
6th HT 165 165 155
Rossi 150 175 175
Morgen 165 165 165

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