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Terrain: Mountain
L1-L6: Rally
Extra Level: Buggy
HomeTracker: Roberts
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A rugged, winding road course with numerous elevation changes make Scotland ideal for seasoned racers. Here, you will compete in rally vehicles, which, with their faithful handling and durable chassis, are ideal for a jaunt through the Highlands. As you speed along, keep your eyes open for the majestic Dunvegan Castle, quaint Scottish farms, and breathtaking vistas of infamous Loch Ness.

– Description

Scotland features a mountainous terrain for Rally cars. It is the home track of Team Roberts and the fourth race of the Grand Tour Season.

Scotland’s track is raced on concrete and gravel in the countryside, where there are streams of water connecting the inlets. Rainfall is extremely common in Scotland, as it appears three times of total seven races.

Rally cars will encounter many roadblocks, including multiple sets of boulders and boxes. Starting onward from Scotland 4, they will enter the newly-opened route of a forked forest and a rugged stretch. Finally, cars will crash through deadlier obstacles in the closing levels, with the barriers along the streams get replaced by tall, wooden ramps.

Cheat: To unlock all Scotland levels without winning any races, the player should tap R1 to the tune “Hark, where the night is falling” (from Scotland the Brave). If done correctly, an engine sound will blare and all levels will be unlocked.

Scotland A

Scot A: Split-Screen & Head-To-Head

Scotland B

Scot B: Split-Screen Only

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