Scotland 3

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Roberts - Secret Fireball
Class: Rally
Weather: Storm
Laps: 3
Track Length: 5.0 miles
Direction: 1
Top AI Contender(s): Roberts, Rossi
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Scotland 3 is changed back to the original direction. The player is challenged to race in devastating, stormy weather.

The three obstacles from Scotland 2 are reused, and the inclement weather becomes a problem for many AI opponents. Roberts is programmed to dominate the first two laps, before slowing down for Rossi in Lap 3.

The secret fireball is seen midway of the forest, as seen in the picture. When it is retrieved, all progress gets lost as Scotland 7 opens.

Starting Positions

1 RB 2 LM 3 AM 4 BP
5 XU 6 RS 7 MG 8 IV


In Scotland 3, Rally cars drives a turbulent race containing three laps. The road is only slightly slippery, but it should not significantly affect the player’s driving accuracy. In the beginning, the player is likely to encounter a pileup that may potentially involve every car but AI Roberts. If the pileup does not occur, the race will still feature a manhandling performance by Roberts, who will build at least a mile of ground before starting Lap 3.

Lumiere, Roberts & Ahmed
Scotland 3 - Trapezoid Barrier

With that in mind, players aiming to win Level 3 should expect a long chase between themselves and AI Roberts. He and the rest of the HomeTrackers will slow down in Lap 3, allowing the player to catch up. However, Morgen and Rossi will speed up; if the player still trails Rossi by Lap 3, they may have no chance of winning the race.

If “expert” players seek a challenge, they may attempt the Underdog Challenge where they can help the weak AI, Ivanov, Morgen, and Baptiste, to finish higher than the strong AI. This challenge is one of the trickier ones, as oncoming cars will not decelerate behind the player whenever a bottleneck is attempted.

Xu, AI Underdogs, Koop

Roberts, AI Underdogs, Hyde

Ahmed vs Rossi, Normal, Hyde

Find Secret L7, Hyde

Morgen & Baptiste
Lumiere, Roberts & Ahmed

Speed Table

Rally cars have their top speeds increased to 120 mph.

Opponent Lap1 Lap2 Lap3
1st HT 120 120 84
2nd HT 120 120 84
3rd HT 100 120 86
4th HT 100 110 86
5th HT 86 95 80
6th HT 100 110 110
Rossi 110 115 120
Morgen 110 115 115

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