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Lumiere is utterly alone in Lap 1 on the Barrierless Stretch...
Class: Rally
Weather: Storm
Laps: 3
Track Length: 5.5 miles
Direction: 1
Top AI Contender(s): Roberts, Ahmed
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Scotland 5 is the stormier version of the preceding level. It is again raced in the original direction, and the Rally cars now have higher top speeds.

This level opens up the accessibility of Out Zones, as the two streams must now be crossed using Deadly Ramps. The barriers around the pond have also been removed, so a false turn may result in an Out. This unclosed area is now referred as the barrierless stretch.

Starting Positions

1 RB 2 LM 3 AM 4 BP
5 XU 6 RS 7 MG 8 IV


Scotland 5 is a mix of the previous two levels. The storm and other dangerous surroundings can cause unintended slipups, and the top AI opponents are extremely dominant. Some of the weak opponents from Scotland 4 have dramatically improved their driving performance.

Ivanov, Xu & Baptiste
Ahmed Carcass Stuck at Deadly Ramp

This level is popular for having Rampage-style gameplay, as its new features allow the player to radically alter the AI positions. Since there are Deadly Ramps, a barrierless stretch, and two lengthy bottlenecks, players have a large bag of tricks in their attempts to delay the race.

Like Scotland 4, this level is arguably one of the hardest races to complete, but the presence of Deadly Ramps offer players an alternate method to beat it. If the human player has difficulties winning the race, they may conveniently use these Ramps to knock their opponents Out. However, other players may find this method to be challenging, especially if they are driving a car with poor stability and attack-resistance.

Lumiere; Full Rampage; Hyde

Xu; Full Rampage; Koop

Ivanov; Underdogs Baptiste & Morgen; Hyde

Lumiere & Roberts
Ivanov & Xu

Speed Table

Rally cars have a recorded top speed of between 130 to 145 mph.

Opponent Lap1 Lap2 Lap3
1st HT – 2nd HT max max 105
3rd HT – 4th HT max max max
5th HT – 6th HT 112 max max
Rossi max max max
Morgen 115 max max


  • The streams are wider in Scotland 5 than Scotland 6, making Rampages easier to perform in this level.
  • The opponent strength is determined by both turn speed and accuracy:
  • Roberts is a very good driver who does not slow down around corners.
  • Ahmed is a very good driver, but slows down mildly around corners.
  • Xu and Ivanov are good drivers who do not slow down around corners.
  • Lumiere and Baptiste are fair drivers who tend to slow down around corners.
  • Rossi is an excellent driver, but is exceedingly slow and careful around corners.
  • Morgen is a poor driver who slows down heavily around corners.

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