Scotland 7

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Class: Buggy
Weather: Sunny
Laps: 2
Track Length: 5.0 miles
Direction: 1
Top AI Contender(s): Morgen, Rossi, Ahmed
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Scotland 7 is opened after secret fireball is obtained in Scotland 3. The track is identical to Scotland 1, except it is raced with Buggy cars.

Baptiste & Ivanov have below-par top speeds in Scotland 7. As opponents, their positions will slowly drop as the race progresses. As players, it is close to impossible to win without cheating; watch the provided videos to win with Baptiste & Ivanov.

AI Ahmed is a dominant leader in Lap 1, before Rossi & Morgen take over in Lap 2.

Starting Positions

1 AM 2 BP 3 IV 4 XU
5 RB 6 LM 7 MG 8 RS


In Scotland 7, Buggies are used to maneuver a track designed for Rally cars. As the track is identical to Scotland 1, the level should be extremely easy to beat unless the player is Ivanov or Baptiste. If the player chooses either one, they would have little chance of winning, but the secret method demonstrated in the video is an excellent workaround.

If the player seeks a challenge, they may attempt the Underdog Challenge where they can help the Underdogs Baptiste & Ivanov finish in front.

Baptiste & Ivanov, Impossible 1st? Hyde

Baptiste vs Ivanov, Normal Race, Hyde

Xu, Underdogs Baptiste & Ivanov, Hyde

Ahmed, Underdogs Baptiste & Ivanov, Hyde

Roberts, Underdogs Baptiste, Lumiere, & Ivanov, Koop

Baptiste & Ivanov’s Secret Method, Pike

Speed Table

For human players, Baptiste & Ivanov have their top speeds limited at 95-97 mph. The rest are allowed to drive at 108 mph.

HomeTrackers are divided into two groups for the Speed Table.

A – Ahmed, Roberts, Xu, Lumiere
B – Baptiste, Ivanov

Blockade Without a Bottleneck
Ahmed: Vulnerable Shield?
Everyone home

Opponent Lap1 Lap2
1st HT A-108 B -96 A-78 B-75
2nd HT A-108 B-96 A-78 B-75
3rd HT A-108 B-96 A-78 B-75
4th HT 101 A-83 B-81
5th HT 96 90
6th HT A-108 B-96 A-108 B-96
Rossi 102 108
Morgen 107 108

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