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Terrain: City
L1-L3: Buggy
L4-L6: Dakar
Extra Level: Indy
HomeTracker: Ahmed
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An ancient, dune-filled course, Egypt’s snake-like turns test even the bravest racers. Here, you will compete in either dune Buggies or Dakar vehicles, as their forgiving suspensions and tight turn radii make them well-suited for these tracks. As you kick up Pharoah dust in the Valley of the Kings, beware of the Sphinx’s penetrating gaze, collapsed wooden bridges, and the looming presence of the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

– Description

Egypt features a sand terrain for Buggies & Dakars. It is the home track of Team Ahmed and the fifth race of the Grand Tour Season.

In Egypt, cars drive around a sandy path surrounded with ancient pyramids. It features the longest course in the game, stretching over seven miles in lap distance. All races begin inside a narrow complex, the only reserved area for spectators. The weather in Egypt is very dry, featuring only sunny or sunset weather in its races.

Around the track, cars will encounter many S-turns and winding stretches. Wooden bridges also make a ubiquitous presence, but only to get broken down into dangerous ramps in later levels. The newly-opened route is used in four levels, featuring a rugged path known as the bumpy stretch.

Cheat: To unlock all Egypt levels without winning any races, the player should tap R1 to the tune “Always look on the bright side of life” (from Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life). If done correctly, an engine sound will blare and all levels will be unlocked.

Egypt A

Egypt A: Split-Screen & Head-To-Head

Egypt B

Egypt B: Split-Screen Only

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