Egypt 2

Grand Tour Racing 98 / Total Drivin / M6 / Gekisou
« Egypt 2 »
Roberts & Ahmed
Class: Buggy
Weather: Sunset
Laps: 2
Track Length: 6.9 miles
Direction: 2
Top AI Contender(s): Baptiste, Ivanov, Ahmed
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Egypt 2 takes place in the sunset with dune Buggies.

In this race, all cars will encounter a one-car bottleneck at the archaeological dig, which is now barricaded with stones. As the direction is reversed, there is a minor shortcut that allows players to bypass the first U-turn.

Towards the end of the lap, cars must tackle the Non-Deadly Ramp. Cars that fail to jump across will not be Out, as there are two simple routes that takes them back on track.

Starting Positions

1 AM 2 BP 3 IV 4 XU
5 RB 6 LM 7 MG 8 RS


Egypt 2 features a track that resembles Egypt 1 in the opposite direction, except there are more obstacles placed on it. The AI opponents are programmed to perform stronger in this level, as they are to drive about 10 mph faster in the final lap.

Lumiere & Morgen Marooned Under the Ramp

Of the five bridges, one of them has been built into a Non-Deadly Ramp. This Ramp is a popular obstacle for Non-Deadly Rampages, as it can be used to prevent AI opponents from jumping across safely. However, the trapped Buggies are known to recover more readily than Dakars.

Players may settle for a Semi-Rampage instead, as this track features many bottlenecks with Out Zones surrounding them. As the shortcut is free to use, players can immediately start the Rampage at the entrance of the main tunnel.

Baptiste; Full Rampage; Koop

Baptiste; Semi Rampage; Hyde

Ivanov; Semi Rampage; Koop

Rossi vs Xu; Normal Race; Hyde

Xu & Rossi
Ivanov & Baptiste


Buggies have a recorded top speed of 120 mph.
A – Ahmed, Roberts, Lumiere
B – Baptiste, Ivanov, Xu

Opponent Lap1 Lap2
1st HT B – 115
A – 110
B – 102
A – 100
2nd HT 108 B – 102
A – 100
3rd HT 105 B – 102
A – 100
4th HT 102 100
5th HT 95 90
6th HT 105 100
Rossi 100 110
Morgen 105 100

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