Egypt 3

Grand Tour Racing 98 / Total Drivin / M6 / Gekisou
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Class: Buggy
Weather: Sunny
Laps: 2
Track Length: 7.9 miles
Direction: 1
Top AI Contender(s): Ivanov
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Egypt 3 lets Buggies onto the route of the bumpy stretch, a 1.5-mile winding trail of bumps which takes about a minute to clear through.

The Ramp from Egypt 2 marks the midway point of the stretch. AI Ivanov handles the stretch with superior stability and control, making him a top contender of the race.

The archaeological dig is now approached from a more “dangerous” direction, as there is a sneaky, non-deadly Ramp which lets cars bypass the stones by jumping over them. If the Ramp is approached from the wrong angle, cars may be stranded for a while before “turning over” to resume the race.

Starting Positions

1 AM 2 BP 3 IV 4 XU
5 RB 6 LM 7 MG 8 RS

In Egypt 3, Buggies drive two laps in the first direction and encounter the bumpy stretch early in each lap. Some AI opponents (Ivanov, Xu) handle the bumpy stretch exceptionally well, but like the others, they drive exceedingly slow through the remainder of the race. So even if the human player struggles on the bumpy stretch, they should have no problem beating the level.

Like Egypt 2, players can even attempt a Semi-Rampage, as the track features many bottlenecks with potential Out Zones surrounding them.

Baptiste, Semi Underdog, Hyde

Morgen, Underdog Challenge, Koop

Ahmed vs Roberts, Normal, Hyde

Deceptively safely barricaded
Can Xu Buggy hold up a bottleneck?


Opponent Lap1 Lap2
1st HT 105 82
2nd HT 95 82
3rd HT 95 78
4th HT 90 78
5th HT 84 65
6th HT 90 82
Rossi 100 86
Morgen 115 102

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