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Ahmed, Ramp & Carcasses
Class: Dakar
Weather: Sunny
Laps: 3
Track Length: 6.9 miles
Direction: 2
Top AI Contender(s): Morgen, Baptiste
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Egypt 4 introduces Dakars on an identical track to Egypt 2. However, the level is raced in clear weather, and the starting positions have been rearranged.

The S-turn has its barriers partially removed, so cars may skip the second U-turn, and take the shortcut down after clearing the first U-turn. Most opponents do not recognize this shortcut in Level 4.

The bumpy stretch is not used in this level. It is replaced by the Non-Deadly Ramp; if a car fails to clear it and falls under, there are two possible routes back onto the track. But if too many other cars are under, they may block these routes.

Starting Positions

1 BP 2 AM 3 RB 4 LM
5 IV 6 XU 7 RS 8 MG


Baptiste blocks AI Ivanov on the Non-Deadly Ramp
Xu: Interesting Numbers

Egypt 4 closes the route of the bumpy stretch and introduces Dakars on a revamped track of Egypt 1. This level is popular for having a Non-Deadly Ramp, a collapsed bridge which may be used to perform Non-Deadly Rampages.

Because it’s considered Level 1 for Dakars, most AI opponents tend to underperform in Egypt 4. However, the top AI almost cannot be beaten in the first lap. This makes it difficult for players to hold first place before the Non-Deadly Ramp, even with the 0.7-mile shortcut of the S-turn. HomeTrackers are programmed to slow down in the next two laps, allowing players and AI Morgen to complete the comeback.

Although this level is best known for the Non-Deadly Ramp, it also features a deceptively tame track with many Out Zones surrounding it. As there are bottlenecks and bridges with short barriers blockading them, players may impose these areas in attempt to knock their opponents over into out-of-bounds territory.

Ivanov; Non-Deadly + Twist; Hyde

Baptiste; Non-Deadly; Hyde

Xu; Non-Deadly; Hyde

Baptiste; Non-Deadly; Hyde

Rossi; Full Rampage; Koop

Ivanov, 3 Lap Magic; Hyde

Ahmed, 3 Lap Magic; Hyde

Ivanov vs Baptiste, Normal Race; Hyde

Bloopers; Hyde

Baptiste meets Ahmed Carcass at the S-Turn (Front)
Baptiste meets Ahmed Carcass at the S-Turn (Back)


Dakars can accelerate to a top speed of 135 mph.

Opponent Lap1 Lap2 Lap3
1st HT 125 110 97
2nd HT 125 105 95
3rd HT 125 105 95
4th HT 125 105 100
5th HT 115 108 108
6th HT 115 115 120
Rossi 120 95 120
Morgen 115 105 125


In the GTR98 version** of Egypt 4, players can easily attain 6th place from a Bogey-Start. The opponent starting 4th is programmed to always hit the wall, causing a collision from another car behind. The two colliding cars depend on which car the player drives as.

Only AI Lumiere or Ivanov can start these collisions; whoever starts 4th. AI Xu follows the collision only if he starts 5th. Otherwise, if he starts 6th instead, AI Rossi or Morgen – the 7th starter takes over Xu’s role.

If Player = Rossi or Xu
If Player = Ivanov
If Player = Baptiste, Ahmed, Roberts, or Lumiere
If Player = Morgen

If the player is Rossi or Xu:
Lumiere starts 4th and Morgen starts 7th, causing a collision between the two.

If the player is Ivanov:
Xu starts 5th and hits Lumiere, allowing Morgen to pass through.

If the player is Baptiste, Ahmed, Roberts, or Lumiere:
Ivanov starts 4th and Xu starts 5th. Xu hits Ivanov, allowing Morgen to pass through.

If the player is Morgen:
Rossi becomes the 7th starter and hits Lumiere.

**The Bogey-Start does not happen in Total Drivin and M6 Turbo Racing.

Sometimes, AI Lumiere can remain unharmed after hitting the wall. There are rare occurrences where three or even four cars can be involved in one collision.

AI Roberts - Carcassed Since Lap 1
AI Roberts is unlikely to move again

AI Roberts can be seen taking the shortcut after a poor U-turn in Lap 1. However, he does not recognize it, and will attempt to climb back up.

Sometimes, he can unintentionally complete the shortcut, but if the hill is too steep on his way up, he will be permanently stuck for the remainder of the race.

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