Egypt 5

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Xu - Archaeological Dig
Class: Dakar
Weather: Sunset
Laps: 3
Track Length: 7.5 miles
Direction: 1
Top AI Contender(s): Morgen
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Egypt 5 lets Dakars onto the route of the bumpy stretch. It takes place in the sunset and is raced in the original direction.

The bumpy stretch is a rugged, 1.5-mile long path which must be tackled early in the race. However, it is possible to bypass half of this terrain via shortcut, as demonstrated in the video below.

This level opens up more accessible areas of Out Zones, as it removes the enclosing fence on the Valley of the Kings. There are no barriers on the S-turn either. Now cars risk falling off the long stretch, and will scale up two hills instead of taking the U-turns.

Starting Positions

1 BP 2 AM 3 RB 4 LM
5 IV 6 XU 7 RS 8 MG

Xu, Ivanov & Baptiste - Barrierless Stretch
Baptiste encounters Ahmed Carcass on the Bumpy Stretch - Front view
Baptiste encounters Ahmed Carcass on the Bumpy Stretch - Back view
Xu Dakar meets Baptiste Carcass on the Bumpy Stretch
Roberts Dakar with Ivanov, Baptiste, Xu on the Barrierless Stretch
Egypt 5 Bumpy Stretch - Start


Egypt 5 uses the same starting positions as Egypt 4. Because it is raced in the first direction, the bumpy stretch must be encountered early in the lap. This track is very similar to Egypt 3, except the barriers have been removed on the long stretch and S-turn.

Unlike Egypt 3, there is a shortcut that allows players to skip half of the bumpy stretch. To use the shortcut, the player must jump over the barrier and take the original route of the Non-Deadly Ramp. However, the jump must be executed quite precisely, as it is possible to plunge over the hill and fall Out. If done smoothly, players will gain approximately a half-mile of ground on their opponents.

AI opponents reach their full speed potential in the first lap, and as a result, they drive poorly at the bumpy stretch. Some of them even risk flying over the hills, though this is a rare occurence. Inadequate drivers are frequent casualties at the barrierless stretch; especially AI Rossi, who falls about 50% of the time. AI Morgen is very dominant in Egypt 5, as he is programmed to drive well and consistently fast throughout all three laps.

Since there are bottlenecks and a barrierless stretch, players may attempt a Rampage to knock Out as many AI opponents as possible. They can also try pushing their opponents over the many hills, or entrap them at the archaeological dig.

Xu; Full Rampage; Hyde

Ivanov; Full Rampage; Hyde

Baptiste; Full Rampage; Hyde

Rossi, Full Rampage, Koop

Xu vs Roberts, Casualty Hunt, Hyde

Ivanov vs Baptiste, Casualty Hunt, Hyde

Lumiere vs Rossi, Casualty Hunt, Hyde

Ahmed vs Morgen, Casualty Hunt, Hyde

Baptiste, Casualty Hunt, Hyde

Ahmed; Shortcut; Pike

Lumiere & Rossi - Bumpy Stretch
Ivanov - Unbroken 'Egypt 6 Bridge'
Roberts Dakar Out


Opponent Lap1 Lap2 Lap3
1st HT 132 118 95
2nd HT 132 112 92
3rd HT 132 112 92
4th HT 132 112 95
5th HT 132 112 95
6th HT 132 125 125
Rossi 132 132 125
Morgen 132 125 125

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