Egypt 6

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Ivanov & the Twins - Barrierless Stretch
Class: Dakar
Laps: 3
Track Length: 7.5 miles
Direction: 2
Top AI Contender(s): Xu, Roberts
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Egypt 6 is the sunnier version of the preceding level. It is raced in the opposite direction with Dakars, and is the sixth and final level of Egypt.

This level’s track is very similar to Egypt 5, except there is now another Out Zone near the start; the first bridge has been broken to become a Deadly Ramp.

The starting positions have been arranged in a rather disorganized order. AI Xu & Roberts take pole positions in Egypt 6, and are the favorable teams to win the race.

Starting Positions

1 XU 2 RB 3 AM 4 BP
5 MG 6 LM 7 RS 8 IV

Egypt 6 Roberts, Lumiere, Morgen Dakar on Barrierless Stretch
Egypt 6 Lumiere Dakar at Archaeological Dig
Egypt 6 Xu & Roberts Dakar on Bumpy Stretch


Egypt 6 is the only final level that is raced in clear weather. As the weather does not contribute to high difficulty, the game engine increases the level by improving the abilities of AI opponents.

This level strengthens the opponents by having them handle the bumpy stretch with more dexterity. They are also programmed to drive reasonably fast throughout all three laps. Players may gain significant ground on the S-turn, as the opponents often tend to scale too far when descending the chicanes.

Unlike Level 5, an opponent casualty is a rare occurrence in Egypt 6. However, players are welcome to attempt a Rampage, as there are traps and bottlenecks on many parts of the track. With Out Zones being present in two areas, players have potentially six chances to knock Out all seven opponents in each race.

Ivanov; Full Rampage; Hyde

Roberts; Full Rampage; Hyde

Morgen; Full Rampage; Koop

Ahmed; Underdog Challenge; Koop

Ahmed; Bizarre Rampage; Hyde

Rossi; Shortcut; Hyde

Egypt 6 Deadly Ramp - Baptiste, Rossi & Lumiere
Egypt 6 Ahmed Dakar
Egypt 6 Xu & Roberts Dakar in Tunnel

AI Roles

Dakars can accelerate to a top speed of 135 mph.

Opponent Lap1 Lap2 Lap3
1st HT 125 125 110
2nd HT 125 125 110
3rd HT 125 125 110
4th HT 115 125 110
5th HT 110 110 110
6th HT 115 125 125
Rossi 112 125 125
Morgen 125 125 125

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