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Terrain: City
L1-L2: Sports
L3-L4: Indy
L5-L6: Sports
Extra Level: Dakar
HomeTracker: Xu
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An expansive, yet twisting track with numerous folks makes now-Chinese Hong Kong perfect for conditioned speedsters. Here, you will compete in either sports or Indy cars, which, with their quick bursts of speed and tight cornering, are perfect for these courses. As you tear through the Pacific Rim, watch out for road construction near Hong Kong International Airport, sudden shortcuts through rice paddles, and Asian pedestrians in the bustling market district.

– Description

Hong Kong features a city terrain for Sports & Indy cars. It is the home track of Team Xu and the final race of the Grand Tour Season.

Hong Kong provides a wide, high-speed track designed for Sports and Indy cars. It takes place on a major freeway on sunny and rainy settings. The racetrack is divided into two sections, featuring both the city and countryside of Hong Kong.

The city side is prominent for its many road tunnels, including a two-storey passageway that spirals over half a mile in length. The countryside consists of more trees and rice fields with river streams surrounding the region. The newly-opened route encountered in Level 5 features a narrow sand track and a major ramp.

Cheat: To unlock all Hong Kong levels without winning any races, the player should tap R1 to the (untitled) pan flute rhythm played during Hong Kong races. If done correctly, an engine sound will blare and all levels will be unlocked.

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HK B: Split-Screen Only

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