Hong Kong 5

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Class: Sports
Weather: Sunset
Laps: 3
Track Length: 6.1 miles
Direction: 1
Top AI Contender(s): Lumiere, Roberts, Xu
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Hong Kong 5 uses Sports cars to maneuver the newly-opened long sandy road. Cars risk falling in the streams of water that surround the region. The starting positions have been altered.

The small bridge on the sandy road is a bottleneck, but it doesn’t cause many cars to be Out when a Rampage is attempted. The secret fireball is under the small bridge, the portal to Hong Kong 7.

A Major Ramp may be tackled towards the end of the lap, as it can bypassed by driving under it. Cars that fail to jump safely may not necessarily be Out: if they fall under the Ramp, they may still be able to recover.

Starting Positions

1 XU 2 RB 3 IV 4 AM
5 LM 6 BP 7 RS 8 MG

Hong Kong 5: Ivanov Sports meets Ahmed Carcass
Two strong AI marooned under the bridge
AI Ivanov's Zombie Shuffle
Roberts & Lumiere


In Hong Kong 5, the player races in the first direction and will enter the new route near the 3-mile mark. Instead of turning onto the grassy area, they will continue to drive through a linear tunnel before encountering the mile-long sandy road. As the Sports cars have higher top speeds, players should aim for a quick, 4-minute race in order to advance to Level 6.

The long sandy road is effective for bottleneck blockages, although cars may not have a good chance of hopping over the fences. The only unblocked and easily-accessible Out Zone is the small bridge. There is a secret fireball under it; if the player collects it, they will be taken to Hong Kong 7. After the sandy road, a Major Ramp must be tackled or bypassed. A Rampage can also be attempted here, as cars who fall may be permanently trapped or “buried” upon hitting the underside of the Ramp.

In this level, the opponent strength favors Lumiere and Roberts, as their cars perform well around tight corners. However, because they are likely to be involved in an early pileup, they do not always come out on top. This gives Xu the opportunity to contend, as he’s the only AI to always escape the jam. AI Ivanov is a terrible opponent; if the player seeks an Underdog Challenge, they can help Ivanov to win the race.

Ivanov; Mixed Rampage; Hyde

Baptiste; Mixed Rampage A; Koop

Xu; Underdog Ivanov; Hyde

Baptiste; Mixed Rampage B; Koop

Ivanov vs Xu; Officially Lapped; Hyde

Baptiste; Underdog Ivanov; Hyde

Rossi; Officially Lapped; Hyde

Rossi; Normal Race + Bloopers (TD); Hyde

Xu holds up a multitude
Ivanov, Xu & Baptiste
At least ONE AI opponent has been lapped
Ahmed marooned under the Ramp - Get Back on Road Warning

AI Roles

The top speed for Sports cars is increased to 200 mph.

(Rob indicates the speed of AI Roberts)

Opponent Lap1 Lap2 Lap3
1st HT 180 Rob-165 160 145
2nd HT 180 Rob-165 165 150
3rd HT 180 Rob-165 165 150
4th HT 165 145 145
5th HT 165 145 145
6th HT 175 175 175
Rossi 170 170 175
Morgen 170 170 175

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