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Country: United Kingdom
Colors: Yellow & Blue
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Roberts Rally - Art by Koop

Roberts (#1) is the UK team in Grand Tour Racing 98, Total Drivin’, M6 Turbo Racing and Gekisou Grand Racing.

1997 Manual Description

Team Roberts hails from Newcastle, England, where country roads wind unforgivably and rally racing is the only way to go.

When the speed-intoxicated members of the Roberts team are not hoisting mugs of ale on the Quayside or touring local castles, they are often found blasting down the middle of English roadways (even though the left is the law). This wee bit of experience has made Roberts the team to beat in Scotland and another favorite to capture the Grand Tour Championship.


Team Roberts vehicles are middleweights with medium top speeds and acceleration.

The Roberts Rally resembles the compact European Ford Escort. It provides a fair top speed and handling, but poor acceleration and attack-resistance. | Resembles: Lumiere

The Roberts Sports Car is a model of the Bugatti EB110. The vehicle has good handling, but a poor top speed, acceleration, and stability. | Resembles: Lumiere

The Roberts Dakar is a rally raid in the class Peugeot 405 Turbo 16. It is slightly heavy, with a lower top speed and acceleration, but solid handling and attack-resistance. | Resembles: Xu

The Roberts Buggy is a rear-wheel-drive middleweight of high top speed and tricky handling. It tends to be vulnerable when opponents attack. | Resembles: Ahmed

The Roberts Indy Car is a formula open-wheel speedster. It is a middleweight, with a good top speed, handling, and medium vulnerability to attacks. | Resembles: All Indy Cars

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AI Roberts

AI Roberts Rally is a strong opponent in most levels. He is dominant in Scotland, with superior driving accuracy and speed. However, he tends to struggle in Switzerland, with “BogeyStarts” resulting from poor acceleration and eyesight.

AI Roberts Sports is a medium-strong opponent in both level versions. He displays an excellent driving Accuracy, but slow acceleration affects him in some high levels. His performances tend to be very weak in “unusual settings” (like Switzerland 7).

AI Roberts Dakar is often successful in maintaining his position in Easter Island. His vehicle’s stability helps him dominate Egypt levels (except L4), especially Egypt 6.

AI Roberts Buggy tends to suffer from poor HomeTracker roles and inexcusably bad driving Accuracy.

AI Roberts Indy often languishes in low HomeTracker roles. His terrible “BogeyStart” in Egypt 7 risks ending his race before it even begins.


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