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Country: USA
Colors: Blue & White
Home Track: None
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Morgen Rally - Art by Koop

Morgen (#2) is the American team in Grand Tour Racing 98, Total Drivin’, M6 Turbo Racing and Gekisou Grand Racing.

1997 Manual Description

Team Morgen enters the Grand Tour circuit from Big Sky, Montana, where there are no speed limits and a six-month winter is commonplace.

When the fearless members of the Morgen team are not skiing from the peak of majestic Lone Mountain or white-water rafting down the raging Gallatin river, they can be found careening down precipitous alpine passes. This high-altitude experience has made Morgen the team to beat in Switzerland and a favorite for the Grand Tour Championship.


Team Morgen’s cars have fast top speeds and acceleration, but are rather susceptible to attacks.

The Morgen Rally is a replica of the Toyota Celica (GT4, Mk.V, ST185). It provides a better top speed and handling than Baptiste, but weaker attack-resistance. | Resembles: Baptiste

Morgen Stunts

The Morgen Sports Car resembles the Dodge Viper. This car is notorious for its dismal handling and turning speed. It is prone to many attacks, and performs random flips upon hitting the wall.

See “Morgen Stunts” for its full “Acrobaticar” potential. | Resembles: None

The Morgen Dakar is a Citroen ZX rally raid. It features a balance of good top speed, handling, and lightweight stability. However, it can be rather susceptible to high attacks. | Resembles: Ahmed

(Swit 7) Morgen Invades Lumiere’s Home

The Morgen Buggy is a stable, rear-wheel-drive middleweight. This vehicle is a versatile balance of high top speed, good handling, and superior attack-resistance. | Resembles: Lumiere

The Morgen Indy Car is middleweight, with a good top speed and handling. It will spin out when attacked by opponents, especially from behind. | Resembles: All Indy Cars

GTR98 Menu Morgen

AI Morgen

Team Morgen is known to be a successful overtaker. Without a home track, they must start each race at low positions (6th – 7th).

AI Morgen Rally tends to suffer from poor handling. While achieving decent to good results in Switzerland, his Scotland display lacks quality.

AI Morgen Sports is a solid overtaker in several levels, particularly the early ones. He is notorious for performing Acrobaticar flips, which provide hilarious entertainment for the human player.

(Moscow 5) Morgen’s Intense Workout

AI Morgen Indy is a decent overtaker in Moscow & Hong Kong. However, he does not often finish as strongly as Rossi, his HomeTracker counterpart.

AI Morgen Dakar is an excellent driver and overtaker. He is programmed to outperform his opponents in many levels, particularly the Egypt ones.

AI Morgen Buggy is an average opponent who occasionally makes a strong impression. He is known for his mediocre display at fast speeds, especially when on a bumpy stretch.


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