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Country: France
Colors: White, Blue, Red
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Lumiere Rally - Art by Koop

Lumiere (#3) is the French team in Grand Tour Racing 98, Total Drivin’, M6 Turbo Racing and Gekisou Grand Racing.

1997 Manual Description

Team Lumiere comes from Bordeaux, France, where food and drink are second only to speed.

When members of the Lumiere team are not appreciating life’s little pleasures, they are ripping through the rough terrain of local French wine vineyards. While this has not endeared them to many of the local gentry, it has given them the competitive edge needed to succeed on Easter Island.


Lumiere cars feature reasonable top speeds and handling, but poor acceleration. They tend to be vulnerable when hit by opponents.

The Lumiere Rally resembles the European Ford Escort. It is a small-sized compact car with a good top speed and handling, but poor acceleration and attack-resistance. | Resembles: Roberts

The Lumiere Sports Car is a heavyweight variant of the McLaren F1. It displays an excellent top speed and fair handling, but mediocre acceleration. | Resembles: Roberts

The Lumiere Dakar shares the appearance of a Toyota Land Cruiser. It has a good top speed, acceleration, and handling. However, the vehicle is very light, so it is prone to suffering from opponents’ attacks. | Resembles: Rossi

The Lumiere Buggy is a middleweight with a reasonable top speed and handling. Unlike other Lumiere cars, this rear-drive vehicle can withstand opponents’ attacks extremely well. | Resembles: Morgen

The Lumiere Indy Car is a stable middleweight with good handling, but moderate vulnerability to opponents’ attacks. | Resembles: All Indy Cars

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AI Lumiere

Team Lumiere’s home track is Switzerland, a mountain terrain for Rally Cars. Lumiere’s strengths include Rally and Sports racing, but does not succeed in Easter Island (despite what was written in the game manual).

AI Lumiere Rally contends strongly in Switzerland’s snowy races. However, his late-level performance lacks consistency in Scotland.

AI Lumiere Sports achieves high-caliber results in Moscow. Despite being noticeably dominant in late levels, Lumiere is best known for his mediocre acceleration.

AI Lumiere Indy is a stable, medium-strong contender. He is able to sustain a high position in Moscow, unless he drives into a pileup.

AI Lumiere Dakar tends to wander in middle positions in Easter Island. In Egypt, however, he is an underdog who often fails at maintaining these positions.

AI Lumiere Buggy is a frail opponent who fails to make any strong impression.


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