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Country: Russia
Colors: White, Green, Red
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Ivanov Rally - Art by Koop

Ivanov (#4) is the Russian team in Grand Tour Racing 98, Total Drivin, M6 Turbo Racing and Gekisou Grand Racing.

1997 Manual Description

Team Ivanov comes straight from Moscow, Russia, where the pressure to succeed is as common as demonstrations in Red Square.

When the time-hardened members of the Ivanov team are not launching skyward in MiGs or training in Gorky Park, they can be found rocketing through Mother Russia. This intense post-Soviet experience has resulted in Glasnost on the highways and makes them the favorite in Moscow.


Team Ivanov features strong, heavyweight vehicles that can withstand and inflict damage extremely well.

The Ivanov Rally is an old-fashioned Lancia Delta, a compact luxury car of lower top speed and excellent handling. The vehicle provides superior stability and attack-resistance. | Resembles: Xu

The Ivanov Sports Car resembles the 1997 Lamborghini Diablo, a heavyweight speedster of superior attack-resistance. It provides slightly difficult handling, but excellent top speed and acceleration. | Resembles: Xu

The Ivanov Dakar resembles the Mitsubishi Pajero T3, a heavyweight SUV of extremely difficult handling. While it can be powerful attacker for a Rampage, it is also prone to suffer from walls and obstacles. | Resembles: Baptiste

The Ivanov Buggy is a rear-wheel-drive heavyweight. It is extremely versatile, having lower top speed, good handling, and superior attack-resistance. However, the vehicle fails to reach full potential in Scotland 7. | Resembles: Baptiste

The Ivanov Indy Car is heavy and fast, with difficult handling. It runs the risk of flying Out when driving mildly uphill on top speed. | Resembles: All Indy Cars

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AI Ivanov

Team Ivanov’s home track is Moscow, a city terrain for Sports & Indy Cars.

AI Ivanov Rally is programmed to underperform in early levels. This trend reverses itself in higher levels, as he rises into a dominant contender.

AI Ivanov Sports is a strong, contending leader in early levels. However, the botched handling becomes a problem in higher levels, as it causes him to languish in low positions.

AI Ivanov Indy is an incompetent driver. While he can sometimes remain unperturbed as a race leader, he is mostly well-known for causing massive pileups.

AI Ivanov Dakar is a mediocre opponent. He fails to impress in Easter Island or Egypt, due to his low starting position and handling.

AI Ivanov Buggy is a strong contender in sand races. He is praised for his superior control and stability, which allow him to easily overtake his opponents.


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