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Country: Jamaica
Colors: Red & White
Easter Island
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Baptiste Rally - Art by Koop

Baptiste (#5) is the Jamaican team in Grand Tour Racing 98, Total Drivin, M6 Turbo Racing and Gekisou Grand Racing.

1997 Manual Description

Team Baptiste hails from Kingston, Jamaica, where fruit plantations abound and waterfalls splash refreshingly.

When the members of the Baptiste team are not listening to reggae music or playing steel drums, they are usually kicking up sand, “irie-style”, near Montego Bay. This Rastafarian-style racing experience has made them a contender on Easter Island.


Team Baptiste features cars with slightly difficult handling, decent top speeds, and superior attack-resistance.

The Baptiste Rally is a variant of the Toyota Celica (GT4, Mk.VI, ST205). It provides a good top speed and attack-resistance, but tricky handling. | Resembles: Morgen

The Baptiste Sports Car is a Ferrari F355. It has a higher top speed and acceleration than Rossi, but trickier handling. It can inflict significant damage on cars, while recovering quickly from their attacks. | Resembles: Rossi

The Baptiste Dakar resembles the Mitsubishi Pajero T3, a heavyweight SUV. It has a high top speed, but extremely difficult handling and vulnerability to walls. However, the vehicle can be a powerhouse, so players have an advantage if they drive it well. | Resembles: Ivanov

The Baptiste Buggy is a rear-wheel drive heavyweight of low top speed, good handling, and excellent stability. However, the vehicle’s speed is too low on non-sandy roads of Scotland 7. | Resembles: Ivanov

The Baptiste Indy Car is an easily-handled lightweight speedster. It is vulnerable during a head-on collision, but stable when holding up a chain of cars. | Resembles: All Indy Cars

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AI Baptiste

Team Baptiste’s home track is Easter Island, a sand terrain for Buggies & Dakars.

AI Baptiste Rally is programmed to underperform. He is a drastic, incompetent driver in many levels, and is most notorious for his disastrous performance in Scotland 4.

AI Baptiste Sports is a strong contender in several levels. Despite being noticeably weak in early levels, Baptiste is also known to achieve dominance in high levels.

AI Baptiste Indy is a medium-strong opponent in Moscow & Hong Kong. In Egypt 7, he often attains the lead position and holds it capably on a sand terrain.

AI Baptiste Dakar is a powerful leader in Easter Island. However, his performance tends to weaken in Egypt levels, due to increased top speed and poor handling.

AI Baptiste Buggy is a dominant contender in sand races. Like Ivanov, Baptiste is known for his superior maneuverability on difficult turns and stretches.


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