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Country: Egypt
Colors: Red
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Ahmed Rally - Art by Koop

Ahmed (#6) is the Egyptian team in Grand Tour Racing 98, Total Drivin’ and Gekisou Grand Racing. In M6 Turbo Racing, this team’s name is changed to “M6”.

1997 Manual Description

Team Ahmed is from Cairo, Egypt, where sand dunes threaten to crash down like tidal waves and desert roadways transform into canyons of stone.

When the mysterious members of the Ahmed team are not scaling pyramids or bartering in Cairo Market, they can be found off-roading through timeless archaeological digs. This suitably Saharan experience has made team Ahmed the favorite in Egypt.


Team Ahmed’s cars offer blazing top speeds and acceleration, but substandard handling and stability.

Ahmed Rally resembles the Subaru Impreza, a light compact car. While boasting high top speeds and good handling, the vehicle’s attack-resistance tends to be mediocre. | Resembles: Rossi

The Ahmed Sports Car is a Ferrari F40, a speedster of blazing top speed and acceleration. However, the vehicle is highly unstable, poorly handled, and extremely vulnerable to walls and other cars’ hits. | Resembles: None

The Ahmed Dakar is a rally raid developed by Citroën ZX. This car shares similar qualities with the team’s rally. It supplies a good top speed and handling, but a lack of stability and attack-resistance. | Resembles: Morgen

The Ahmed Buggy is a difficult middleweight choice, as it provides a medium top speed and poor handling. Like most of Ahmed’s cars, it tends to be vulnerable when attacked by others. | Resembles: Roberts

The Ahmed Indy is a formula racer of high top speed and difficult handling. Being heavy, this vehicle is an excellent choice for head-on collisions. | Resembles: All Indy Cars

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AI Ahmed

AI Ahmed Rally is a strong opponent in several levels. Due to excellent driving and speed, Ahmed makes a dominant impression in races under top conditions, notably in Scotland 4.

AI Ahmed Sports is programmed to underperform. He is a slow, careful driver who suffers from poor handling, and is known to fall behind in Moscow races.

AI Ahmed Dakar is a medium-strong opponent. He is a skilled back-up leader who often succeeds in maintaining the top positions, especially in Easter Island.

AI Ahmed Buggy is an adequate leader in Egypt. Elsewhere, he is a medium-weak opponent who is easily overtaken by others.

AI Ahmed Indy tends to wander in middle positions in races found on the streets. In Egypt 7, he is a strong contender who drives capably on a sand terrain.


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