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Country: Italy
Colors: Green & Yellow
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Rossi Rally - Art by Koop

Rossi (#7) is the Italian team in Grand Tour Racing 98, Total Drivin’, M6 Turbo Racing and Gekisou Grand Racing.

1997 Manual Description

Team Rossi comes from the medieval town of Fiesole, Italy, where roads narrow without warning and cobblestones quickly turn to dirt.

When the carefree members of the Rossi team are not romancing the local ragazzas or enjoying fine wine, they can be found hot-footing through the rugged Florentine countryside. This off-road experience, “Italian-style”, has made Rossi a team to contend with in Egypt.


Team Rossi cars are lightweights with reasonably high top speeds. They tend to be vulnerable to attacks.

The Rossi Rally Car resembles the Subaru Impreza, a lightweight with reasonably good top speed and handling. However, it tends to suffer badly when opponents attack. | Resembles: Ahmed

The Rossi Sports Car resembles the Ferrari F355 (GTR98 version). It provides a lower top speed and acceleration, medium attack-resistance, and excellent handling. The Total Drivin incarnation of Rossi is a Porsche 993 GT2. | Resembles: Baptiste (GTR98 version)

The Rossi Dakar is a Toyota Land Cruiser. It has a great top speed and acceleration, but is prone to suffer from walls and obstacles due to its low center of gravity. | Resembles:: Lumiere

The Rossi Buggy is a featherweight, rear-wheel-drive vehicle. It has a medium top speed and excellent handling, but is incredibly vulnerable when attacked by opponents. | Resembles: Xu

The Rossi Indy is an open-wheel speedster. It is a lightweight with a good top speed, handling, and medium vulnerability to attacks. | Resembles: All Indy Cars

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AI Rossi

Team Rossi is known for their full potential during final laps. As they do not own a home track, they must start each race at low positions (6th – 7th).

AI Rossi Rally is praised for his impeccable driving display. While succeeding confidently in early to middle levels, his final impressions tend to be atrocious.

AI Rossi Sports is a strong, perpetual overtaker. His performances are often varied, as he is programmed to perform differently in each level.

AI Rossi Indy is a blazing-fast overtaker in the final lap. However, he is not often a winner in most races, despite being capable of finishing in strong positions.

AI Rossi Dakar is an average opponent who usually finishes in middle positions. His tendency to wobble uncontrollably when driving fast makes him a weaker opponent than Morgen.

AI Rossi Buggy tends to drive poorly at high speeds. He can be a strong contender as long as he maintains steady control, as he is known to perform well on a bumpy stretch.


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