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Country: China
Colors: Yellow & Black
Hong Kong
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Xu Rally - Art by Koop

Xu (#9) is the Chinese team in Grand Tour Racing 98, Total Drivin’, M6 Turbo Racing and Gekisou Grand Racing.

1997 Manual Description

Team Xu is from Hong Kong, China, where the recent emancipation from the United Kingdom has resulted in an all-Chinese team dead-set on taking the Grand Tour crown.

When members of the Xu team are not honing their mental abilities in a Shaolin monastery, they are fine-tuning their driving skills on the Kowloon Peninsula. This Pacific Rim experience has made team Xu the favorite in Hong Kong.


Team Xu’s cars tend to be stable and resilient middleweights, with excellent handling and low top speeds.

The Xu Rally is a Maxi Mégane of Renault Sport. It is an optimum balance of lower top speed, excellent handling, middleweight stability, and solid attack-resistance. | Resembles: Ivanov

The Xu Sports Car is an old-fashioned version of the Lotus Esprit. It provides a fair top speed, handling, and excellent middleweight stability. | Resembles: Ivanov

The Xu Dakar is a Peugeot 405 Turbo 16 rally raid. It is mildly heavy, with a medium top speed and acceleration, as well as good handling and resiliency. | Resembles: Roberts

The Xu Buggy is a rear-wheel-drive featherweight. It features a middle top speed and excellent handling, but poor resistance against attacks. | Resembles: Rossi

The Xu Indy Car is a middleweight with a good top speed and handling. It will spin out when attacked by opponents, especially from behind. | Resembles: All Indy Cars

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Team Xu’s home track is Hong Kong, a city terrain for conditioned speedsters. They are the masters of the Sports & Indy class.

AI Xu Rally is a strong contender in high levels, but his overall performance varies. Although the vehicle provides excellent handling, Xu’s driving display tends to lack quality in early Scotland levels.

AI Xu Sports is a dominant contender in Hong Kong. Similarly, he is programmed to succeed in higher levels, but to underperform in the early levels, particularly the Moscow ones.

AI Xu Dakar is a weak opponent in Easter Island. In Egypt, he has the competitive edge to win races, his performance often varying from average to decent.

AI Xu Buggy is known to be an overtaker, but tends to drive poorly at high speeds. He can contend as long as he maintains steady control.

AI Xu Indy is a dominant leader who succeeds in maintaining first place. Occasionally, he can be seen getting entangled in a massive pileup.


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