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Indy cars are the ultimate race cars with superior acceleration, braking roadholding and extreme top speeds.
Max Speed: 185-220 mph
Horsepower: 800-1000 bhp
Braking: 70-0 in 100-125 feet
Curb Weight: 1800-1850 pounds
Acceleration: 0-60 in 2-2.9 sec
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The Indy car is the fastest class, but appear in the least number of races. They reach their fullest speed potential on the city roads of Moscow & Hong Kong.

Their secret appearance in Egypt 7 is a large-wheeled lampoon of the original car, which drives on a bumpy stretch.

Manual Description: Indy cars are the ultimate race cars, with explosive acceleration, exceptional braking, unparalleled handling, and extreme top speeds. They are more responsive than Sports Cars, but much less forgiving.

Indy Types
All Indy cars resemble each other by appearance and top speed of 225 mph. There are subtle differences however, mostly between their weight and handling.

Here, they are divided into questionable pairs.

– Ivanov & Ahmed are the heavyweights. They are built to be stronger than others, but much trickier to handle.

– Morgen & Roberts are middleweight with tolerable handling.

– Xu & Lumiere are lightweight vehicles. Their turning curves are very smooth, and it may cause players to oversteer.

– Baptiste & Rossi are light and quick, with reasonably good handling. However, they suffer easily from attacks and collisions.


Indy Collisions Compilation (Ahmed; Koop)

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