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Sports cars are the fastest street legal vehicles in the world.
Max Speed: 165-200 mph
Horsepower: 290-492 bhp
Braking: 70-0 in 150-170 feet
Curb Weight: 3000-3900 pounds
Acceleration: 0-60 in 3.7-4.8 sec
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Sports cars are the second fastest car class in Grand Tour Racing 98. They are featured eight times on the streets of Moscow and Hong Kong, and once in Switzerland.

Manual Description: Sports cars are the fastest production vehicles from the top automotive manufacturers in the world. These cars feature gut-wrenching acceleration, precision handling, and blazing top speeds.

Sports Types

In the first two levels, these sports cars can accelerate to a top speed of 130-150 mph. When they return for the final two levels, their speed potential rises to 170-200 mph.

Ahmed is middleweight and blazing fast, with poor handling and vulnerability to walls and other cars.

Morgen is light and fast, with excruciatingly difficult handling. Vulnerable in every way possible, the vehicle will perform uncontrollable flips when driven into the wall.

Rossi & Baptiste are light and versatile, having excellent handling and exceptional top speeds. They have the ability to recover quickly from opponents’ attacks.

Xu & Ivanov are stable choices with reasonable top speeds and solid attack-resistance. Xu is middleweight and more balanced, while Ivanov is heavyweight with trickier handling.

Lumiere & Roberts provide reasonably good handling and top speeds, but mediocre acceleration.  Lumiere is heavier than Roberts, and both tend to suffer moderately from opponents’ attacks.


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