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Baptiste Buggy
Buggies have a low center of gravity, moderate top speeds and responsive rugged suspensions.
Max Speed: 90-110 mph
Horsepower: 120-150 bhp
Braking: 70-0 in 200-230 feet
Curb Weight: 1500-2000 pounds
Acceleration: 0-60 in 5.5-7.0 sec
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Buggy cars are off-road vehicles used on sand dunes and beaches. In this game, they are raced in Egypt and Easter Island. Midway through, they are replaced by Dakars, a faster alternative to Buggies.

All Buggy races contain two laps. They are also available in Scotland 7, a mountainous terrain designed for Rally cars.

Manual Description: Buggies have low centers of gravity, ample torque, and responsive, rugged suspensions. Equipped for rough off-road racing, these rear-wheel drive vehicles power through sand, mud and shale.

Buggy Types
Like Dakars, Buggies are divided into clear pairs, being similar in overall physical appearance and driving experience.

Ivanov & Baptiste are stable heavyweights, with a fair top speed and handling. They have the ability to recover quickly from attacks, making them a superior choice for Rampages.

Morgen & Lumiere are fast middleweights. They provide reasonably good handling and attack-resistance.

Ahmed & Roberts are middleweight, with reasonable top speeds and tricky handling. They tend to be on the weaker side of attacks.

Xu & Rossi are very light, with a medium top speed and excellent handling. They tend to suffer easily from other attacks.


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