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These four-wheel-drive, truck-like racers have good handling and hold the road well, but they are easier to roll.
Max Speed: 120-240 mph
Horsepower: 200-300 bhp
Braking: 70-0 in 185-210 feet
Curb Weight: 2100-2500 pounds
Acceleration: 0-60 in 5.5-7.0 sec
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Dakars are a faster alternative to Buggies for sand terrains. They are only available from mid-level onwards in Egypt and Easter Island, as well as Hong Kong 7 (which is predominantly concrete, with a small stretch of sand terrain).

Manual Description: These four-wheel-drive, resilient racers offer terrain-gripping handling. Boasting faster top speeds and higher chassis than buggies, they require experienced drivers to maintain control and prevent rolling.

Dakar Types

The in-game Dakars are divided into clear pairs, being similar in overall physical appearance and driving experience.

IvanovBaptiste are on the heavy side, with slightly difficult handling. But if neither of these are an issue, they make excellent Rampage cars.

– XuRoberts are slightly heavy, with better handling. Roberts appears to withstand attacks better, while Xu feels a little more flexible (and susceptible to attacks).

– MorgenAhmed are light and fast, and are rather susceptible when hit by other opponents.

– LumiereRossi feel very light and fast, but are extremely wobbly with high centers of gravity, and are badly affected by walls and being hit by other opponents.

HK7 Dakars vs Standard Dakars: Watch the following video to hear the difference between the engine sounds.


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