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The four-wheel-drive Rally cars accelerate strongly and have good top speeds, along with excellent handling.
Max Speed: 130-150 mph
Horsepower: 300-400 bhp
Braking: 70-0 in 150-170 feet
Curb Weight: 1900-2200 pounds
Acceleration: 0-60 in 3.5-4.0 sec
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Rally cars are the most common vehicles in Grand Tour Racing ’98, Total Drivin, M6 Turbo Racing and Gekisou Grand Racing.

They are raced in all six levels of Scotland & Switzerland, and are the only class to appear in two extra levels (Moscow & Easter Island).

Manual Description: Sophisticated and strong, the four-wheel-drive rally vehicles accelerate rapidly through inclement weather conditions, from thunderstorms to blizzards. These cars provide solid top speeds and excellent handling.

Rally Types

The in-game rally cars are paired, both by overall physical appearance and driving experience.

Ivanov & Xu are middleweight, with a slower top speed, but excellent handling. They tend to recover quickly from opponents’ attacks, making them the most reliable Rampage cars.

Roberts & Lumiere are middleweight, with a medium top speed and handling. They tend to be affected by attacks from other cars, with Lumiere withstanding them slightly better than Roberts.

Baptiste & Morgen are heavy and fast, but their handling is tricky. Baptiste is less affected by other attacks (than Morgen), and has a distinctive loud whirr for his engine (unlike Morgen).

Ahmed & Rossi are light and fast, with reasonably good handling. However, they tend to suffer badly from opponents’ attacks.


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