3 Lap Magic

Switzerland 2 Lumiere - 3 Lap Magic
Lumiere in Swit 2.
Note the difference between Lap Time & Total Time.

3 Lap Magic (or “2 Lap Magic”) is an unofficial gameplay challenge where the human player takes a handicap of minimum 20 seconds (15 seconds for Indy), starting the race later than all AI opponents. The human player will have the entire 3 (or 2) laps to finish in first place.

There is no “official” pre-determined handicap time for each track, as players decide for themselves what “risks” they are willing to take. One way is trial and error. The other is to check the AI opponents’ speeds in each race’s page, and estimate a reasonable handicap time.

Not all tracks are suitable for this challenge, especially the ones where the dominant AI have been proven to be unbeatably strong (eg. Scotland 4, GTR98 version). In such races, the human player cannot afford to make major “blunders”, or stop for too long behind the dominant AI, in order to stand any chance of winning the race.

This term is similar to the Gran Turismo “1 Lap Magic”, as human players are to overtake AI opponents in only 1 lap in Gran Turismo.

Xu in HK4

Ivanov in Moscow 4

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