Underdog Challenge

Swit 6 Underdog Baptiste

Ivanov helps AI Baptiste in Swit 6.

Baptiste Helps Underdog Ivanov

Baptiste helps AI Ivanov in HK 3.

An Underdog Challenge is an “unofficial” gameplay style in GTR 98 / TD / M6 / Gekisou, where the human player seeks to “help” the weaker AI opponents finish in front of the stronger AI opponents.

The weak opponent(s), known as the Underdog(s), tend to languish in two ways:

(1) from slow speed (usually earlier levels),
OR (2) a terrible driving accuracy (usually higher levels).

To complete the Underdog Challenge, the Underdog is:

(1) helped to finish in front of everyone, including the human player,
OR (2) allowed to finish in second only to the human player, first among the other opponents.

The Underdog(s) must be exceedingly weak compared to the stronger opponents. Levels with readily-accessible Out zones are excluded unless the Underdog does not get Out too often.

Ultimate Underdogs

Ultimate Underdogs are the AI team with the weakest overall performance throughout most of the levels of each locale.

Moscow: Ahmed
Easter Island: Xu
Switzerland: Baptiste
Scotland: Morgen
Egypt: Lumiere
Hong Kong: none

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