Moscow 7 Ivanov: Full Rampage Complete
Ivanov completes a Full Rampage in Moscow 7.
HK 7 Baptiste: Non-Deadly Full Rampage Complete
Baptiste completes a Non-Deadly Full Rampage in HK 7.

A Rampage is an unofficial gameplay challenge where the human player seeks to knock Out as many AI opponents as possible. While Rampages can be attempted on any track, levels with readily-accessible Out Zones, particularly high levels, are those where cars can be handily sent Out.

It is a Full Rampage when all 7 opponents are successfully knocked Out, and a Semi-Rampage when 2-6 of them are eliminated.

A Non-Deadly Rampage is a modification where all the AI opponents get permanently stuck, but are not officially Out of the race.

A Mixed Rampage is a combination of Full and Non-Deadly, or a more complete version of the Semi.

A successful performance varies depending on whichever level the Rampage is attempted in. However, the human player is expected to finish in first place, no matter how many AI opponents were ousted.

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