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Season is a default gameplay mode, available in the Main Menu of Grand Tour Racing 98 and Gekisou Grand Racing.

Season mode features a sequence of 6 races, in the order: Moscow, Easter Island, Switzerland, Scotland, Egypt and Hong Kong, with the track level being that of the highest available (excluding Secret Levels) achieved by the Team chosen by the Human Player.

Ultimately, when the game is completed (all tracks & levels with all teams), Season mode would feature Level 6 races for all teams.

Unlike in One Player mode, human players may not “restart level” during the race. If they wish to restart the race, they should reload their previous saved file.

Season Points System
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th Out
12 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

The top score for a Season is: 1st (12pts) in 6 races = 72 points.

When any two teams end up with the same number of points after a race, the team who finished in a higher position in the later race gets prioritized for the higher season position.

This causes the season table to literally invert itself from Egypt to Hong Kong in an All Season, since all opponents finish with an equal score. Watch the “All Season” videos to see this phenomenon in action.

Players may choose to set their own objectives in Season mode.

Level 6 Perfect 36

Normal: Race as fast as possible, without stopping.

Silver / Bronze / Steel Season: Win the season without winning any of the races.

Hard: “Silver” – 2nd (7pts) in all 6 races (42pts).
Harder: “Bronze” – 3rd (6pts) in all 6 races (36pts).
Hardest: “Steel” – 4th (5pts) in all 6 races (30pts).

All-Season: All participants are to finish the season with an equal number of points. This number is predetermined by the Human Player, and calculations must be made beforehand, to determine feasibility.

It is possible to incorporate the 3-Lap Magic and/or Rampage into one’s custom Season objectives. See the videos below for some of these variations.

Silver Season Challenge (Ivanov, Level 6, Hyde)

Optimal score: 2nd (7pts) in all 6 races = 42 pts.

Bronze Season Challenge (Baptiste, Level 6, Hyde)

Optimal score: 3rd (6pts) in all 6 races = 36 pts.

Steel Season Challenge (Xu, Level 6, Hyde)

Optimal score: 4th (5pts) in all 6 races = 30 pts.

30-All Season Challenge (Baptiste, Level 1, Koop)

All participants finish the season with 30 points.

25-All Season Challenge (Xu, Level 5, Koop)

All participants finish the season with 25 points.

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