Time Attack

GTR98 Time Attack Mode: Ivanov & Ghost Car
Ivanov & Ghost Car in Moscow 5

Time Attack is a default gameplay mode in Grand Tour Racing 98, Total Drivin’ / M6 Turbo Racing / Gekisou Grand Racing, accessible from the Main Menu.

The Human Player races alone, in an attempt to beat their previous lap record. From Lap 2 onwards, a “Ghost Car”, who simulates the fastest lap driven in Time Attack mode, races alongside the Human Player.

Players can choose to stop the race after any number of laps, or whenever they like, as Time Attack has no prescribed “total” number of laps that Player “must” drive*.

*At least in Gekisou Grand Racing, the Time Attack race stops after 99 laps, as seen in this other Moscow 3 video (time 29:10).

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