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Scotland 6 BouldersBoulders:
Occurring in sets of three in Scotland races, these boulders’ purpose is to block the road into one-car bottlenecks. A common obstacle in Scotland races, they are present in five levels starting from Scotland 2.

Cars encounter only one set per race from Scotland 2 to 5, before two more appear in Scotland 6, between the deadly Out Zones of ramps and the barrierless stretch.

Switzerland 3 LogsLog Pile:
A common roadblock in Switzerland races, found in six levels between Switzerland 2 and 7. It is a disorganized pile of logs found not too far from the start line.

Much like Scotland’s boulder sets, this obstacle acts like a bottleneck or an S-turn. Crashing into it will not likely cause much harm to the vehicle.

Egypt 5 Archaeological DigStones:
In six Egypt levels, stones appear within the archaeological dig, along with ramps placed close behind them. Cars approaching the dig from the first direction (Egypt 3, 5, 7) will encounter an optional ramp that allows them to hop over the stones.

In the reverse direction, cars will run into the stones in a one-car bottleneck. Hitting the stone will cause cars to bounce off, heavily delaying their progress.

Scotland 2 BoxesBoxes:
Used in Scotland 2 and 3, cars encounter these boxes near the start line by the farm area.

Although not “deadly” when approaching it from the Scotland 3 direction, this obstacle proves to be a efficient technique for eliminating opponents in Scotland 2. Cars running into the boxes full speed may get trapped under or over them, or even gallop Out into the Scottish farms.

Scotland 3 Trapezoid BarrierTrapezoid Barrier:
This barrier is found midway of the S-turn in Scotland 2 and Scotland 3. While its purpose is to block half the road, the more realistic reason to its presence is to protect cars from falling into a deep, rectangular hole which had formed on the road.

Falling into the hole will result in a Game Over, but it is unlikely for any cars to hop over the barrier.


Easter Island 7 Small RampSmall Ramp:
Present in five Easter Island levels, this wooden ramp is found midway through the track by the waters near the S-turn. Cars approaching the ramp at a wrong angle risk falling Out in the water surrounding the region.

A similar small ramp makes a one-time appearance in Moscow 2, for access to Moscow’s secret fireball or for performing Non-Deadly Rampages.

Egypt 4 Non-Deadly RampNon-Deadly Ramp:
This ramp is a popular obstacle in Egypt, as it serves two purposes other than jumping. Once a flat wooden bridge in Egypt 1, this ramp can be used to perform Non-Deadly Rampages to in Egypt 2 and 4.

As it crosses the bumpy stretch, players can bypass half the bumps in Egypt 5 and 7 by jumping below the ramp, after skillfully hopping over the barrier that blocked this shortcut.

Hong Kong 5 - Under the Major RampMajor Ramp:
This ramp is for optional use in Hong Kong‘s final three levels. The player can find this obstacle useful for eliminating opponents either under the ramp or away from it.

Cars that fail to jump safely may not necessarily be Out, as there is a route under it that takes them back on track. However, some unwise opponents may end up being trapped under it permanently.

Moscow 6 Deadly RampMoscow Deadly Ramp:
Built in similar fashion as Hong Kong’s Major Ramp, this obstacle is a make-or-break: fail to jump and your race is over. The ramp is very wide, so players don’t usually have a good chance of succeeding in a Rampage.

Encountered first in Moscow 5, this ramp appears in the two subsequent levels, where a second identical ramp gets placed beside it! Together, they are known as the Twin Deadly Ramps.

Scotland 5 Deadly RampScotland Deadly Ramp:
Appearing as pair sets in Scotland 5 and 6, these ramps are encountered about midway through each lap near the boulder sets. Cars that fail to maneuver the ramps risk falling Out in the river streams directly below them.

Unlike most ramps, these wooden ramps have no protection on its side, maximizing potential dangers. Players can use them for Rampage purposes by knocking their opponents Out of the race.

Egypt 6 Deadly RampEgypt Deadly Ramp:
A one-time appearance in Egypt 6, this ramp was once a wooden bridge hovering over a deadly stretch of water. Built similar to Egypt’s Non-Deadly Ramp, this obstacle is no different from other Deadlies: failing to jump safely will result in an Out.

The ramp must be encountered early in the lap a half-mile before the archaeological dig, and acts as a significant second Out Zone to the level.

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