Moscow 7 Ivanov: Full Rampage Complete
Ivanov completes a Full Rampage in Moscow 7.
HK 7 Baptiste: Non-Deadly Full Rampage Complete
Baptiste completes a Non-Deadly Full Rampage in HK 7.

A Rampage is an unofficial gameplay challenge where the human player seeks to knock Out as many AI opponents as possible. While Rampages can be attempted on any track, levels with readily-accessible Out Zones, particularly high levels, are those where cars can be handily sent Out.

It is a Full Rampage when Continue reading “Rampage”


Underdog Challenge

Swit 6 Underdog Baptiste

Ivanov helps AI Baptiste in Swit 6.

Baptiste Helps Underdog Ivanov

Baptiste helps AI Ivanov in HK 3.

An Underdog Challenge is an “unofficial” gameplay style in GTR 98 / TD / M6 / Gekisou, where the human player seeks to “help” the weaker AI opponents finish in front of the stronger AI opponents.

The weak opponent(s), known as the Underdog(s), tend to languish in two ways: Continue reading “Underdog Challenge”

3 Lap Magic

Switzerland 2 Lumiere - 3 Lap Magic
Lumiere in Swit 2.
Note the difference between Lap Time & Total Time.

3 Lap Magic (or “2 Lap Magic”) is an unofficial gameplay challenge where the human player takes a handicap of minimum 20 seconds (15 seconds for Indy), starting the race later than all AI opponents. The human player will have the entire 3 (or 2) laps to finish in first place.

There is no “official” pre-determined handicap time for Continue reading “3 Lap Magic”


Grand Tour Racing 98 / Total Drivin / M6 / Gekisou
« Dakar Class »
Lumiere Dakar Icon
These four-wheel-drive, truck-like racers have good handling and hold the road well, but they are easier to roll.
Max Speed: 120-240 mph
Horsepower: 200-300 bhp
Braking: 70-0 in 185-210 feet
Curb Weight: 2100-2500 pounds
Acceleration: 0-60 in 5.5-7.0 sec
EI 3 | EI 4 | EI 5 |
EI 6 | Egypt 4 |
Egypt 5 | Egypt 6 | HK 7
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Dakars are a faster alternative to Buggies for sand terrains. They are only available from mid-level onwards in Egypt and Easter Island, as well as Hong Kong 7 (which is predominantly concrete, with a small stretch of sand terrain).

Manual Description: These four-wheel-drive, resilient racers offer terrain-gripping handling. Boasting faster top speeds and higher chassis than buggies, they require experienced drivers to maintain control and prevent rolling.

Dakar Types

The in-game Dakars are divided into clear pairs, being similar in overall physical appearance and driving experience.

IvanovBaptiste are on the heavy side, with slightly difficult handling. But if neither of these are an issue, they make excellent Rampage cars.

– XuRoberts are slightly heavy, with better handling. Roberts appears to withstand attacks better, while Xu feels a little more flexible (and susceptible to attacks).

– MorgenAhmed are light and fast, and are rather susceptible when hit by other opponents.

– LumiereRossi feel very light and fast, but are extremely wobbly with high centers of gravity, and are badly affected by walls and being hit by other opponents.

HK7 Dakars vs Standard Dakars: Watch the following video to hear the difference between the engine sounds.


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Grand Tour Racing 98 / Total Drivin / M6 / Gekisou
« Buggy Class »
Baptiste Buggy
Buggies have a low center of gravity, moderate top speeds and responsive rugged suspensions.
Max Speed: 90-110 mph
Horsepower: 120-150 bhp
Braking: 70-0 in 200-230 feet
Curb Weight: 1500-2000 pounds
Acceleration: 0-60 in 5.5-7.0 sec
EI 1 | EI 2

Egypt 1 | Egypt 2 | Egypt 3 | Scot 7

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Buggy cars are off-road vehicles used on sand dunes and beaches. In this game, they are raced in Egypt and Easter Island. Midway through, they are replaced by Dakars, a faster alternative to Buggies.

All Buggy races contain two laps. They are also available in Scotland 7, a mountainous terrain designed for Rally cars.

Manual Description: Buggies have low centers of gravity, ample torque, and responsive, rugged suspensions. Equipped for rough off-road racing, these rear-wheel drive vehicles power through sand, mud and shale.

Buggy Types
Like Dakars, Buggies are divided into clear pairs, being similar in overall physical appearance and driving experience.

Ivanov & Baptiste are stable heavyweights, with a fair top speed and handling. They have the ability to recover quickly from attacks, making them a superior choice for Rampages.

Morgen & Lumiere are fast middleweights. They provide reasonably good handling and attack-resistance.

Ahmed & Roberts are middleweight, with reasonable top speeds and tricky handling. They tend to be on the weaker side of attacks.

Xu & Rossi are very light, with a medium top speed and excellent handling. They tend to suffer easily from other attacks.


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Grand Tour Racing 98 / Total Drivin / M6 / Gekisou
« Sports Class »
Rossi Sports Icon
Sports cars are the fastest street legal vehicles in the world.
Max Speed: 165-200 mph
Horsepower: 290-492 bhp
Braking: 70-0 in 150-170 feet
Curb Weight: 3000-3900 pounds
Acceleration: 0-60 in 3.7-4.8 sec
Moscow 1 |
Moscow 2 |
Moscow 5 |
Moscow 6 |
HK 1 | HK 2 |
HK 5 | HK 6 |
Swit 7
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Sports cars are the second fastest car class in Grand Tour Racing 98. They are featured eight times on the streets of Moscow and Hong Kong, and once in Switzerland.

Manual Description: Sports cars are the fastest production vehicles from the top automotive manufacturers in the world. These cars feature gut-wrenching acceleration, precision handling, and blazing top speeds.

Sports Types

In the first two levels, these sports cars can accelerate to a top speed of 130-150 mph. When they return for the final two levels, their speed potential rises to 170-200 mph.

Ahmed is middleweight and blazing fast, with poor handling and vulnerability to walls and other cars.

Morgen is light and fast, with excruciatingly difficult handling. Vulnerable in every way possible, the vehicle will perform uncontrollable flips when driven into the wall.

Rossi & Baptiste are light and versatile, having excellent handling and exceptional top speeds. They have the ability to recover quickly from opponents’ attacks.

Xu & Ivanov are stable choices with reasonable top speeds and solid attack-resistance. Xu is middleweight and more balanced, while Ivanov is heavyweight with trickier handling.

Lumiere & Roberts provide reasonably good handling and top speeds, but mediocre acceleration.  Lumiere is heavier than Roberts, and both tend to suffer moderately from opponents’ attacks.


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Grand Tour Racing 98 / Total Drivin / M6 / Gekisou
« Indy Class »
Indy cars are the ultimate race cars with superior acceleration, braking roadholding and extreme top speeds.
Max Speed: 185-220 mph
Horsepower: 800-1000 bhp
Braking: 70-0 in 100-125 feet
Curb Weight: 1800-1850 pounds
Acceleration: 0-60 in 2-2.9 sec
Moscow 3 |
Moscow 4 |
HK 3 | HK 4 |
Egypt 7
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The Indy car is the fastest class, but appear in the least number of races. They reach their fullest speed potential on the city roads of Moscow & Hong Kong.

Their secret appearance in Egypt 7 is a large-wheeled lampoon of the original car, which drives on a bumpy stretch.

Manual Description: Indy cars are the ultimate race cars, with explosive acceleration, exceptional braking, unparalleled handling, and extreme top speeds. They are more responsive than Sports Cars, but much less forgiving.

Indy Types
All Indy cars resemble each other by appearance and top speed of 225 mph. There are subtle differences however, mostly between their weight and handling.

Here, they are divided into questionable pairs.

– Ivanov & Ahmed are the heavyweights. They are built to be stronger than others, but much trickier to handle.

– Morgen & Roberts are middleweight with tolerable handling.

– Xu & Lumiere are lightweight vehicles. Their turning curves are very smooth, and it may cause players to oversteer.

– Baptiste & Rossi are light and quick, with reasonably good handling. However, they suffer easily from attacks and collisions.


Indy Collisions Compilation (Ahmed; Koop)

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Grand Tour Racing 98 / Total Drivin / M6 / Gekisou
« Rossi (#7) »
Country: Italy
Colors: Green & Yellow
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Rossi Rally - Art by Koop

Rossi (#7) is the Italian team in Grand Tour Racing 98, Total Drivin’, M6 Turbo Racing and Gekisou Grand Racing.

1997 Manual Description

Team Rossi comes from the medieval town of Fiesole, Italy, where roads narrow without warning and cobblestones quickly turn to dirt.

When the carefree members of the Rossi team are not romancing the local ragazzas or enjoying fine wine, they can be found hot-footing through the rugged Florentine countryside. This off-road experience, “Italian-style”, has made Rossi a team to contend with in Egypt.


Team Rossi cars are lightweights with reasonably high top speeds. They tend to be vulnerable to attacks.
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